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Nogi Training September 2012

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Marcelo training with Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles Marciel! BLACKB L3T

Opponent Rank: Black Belt; Weight Category: Feather;

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DKenney (250 days ago)  
The face at 1:09 says it all.
Joshjitsu311 (2057 days ago)  
why is it only 4 minutes??
redstarbjj (2097 days ago)  
Amazing how technical they both are. And what amazes me every time - Marcelo hardly even breathing hard.
 (2099 days ago)  
Both are excellent!!! This made my day!
Cnoahsay (2101 days ago)  
watch 1:22 - 1:40 at 75%! amazing
Arte suave  (2101 days ago)  
Would love to see Marcelo roll with the Mendez bros.
Sgomez (2102 days ago)  
Cobrinhas balance is nuts. 
heimano (2102 days ago)  
Boaaa !!!

ahr222002 (2102 days ago)  
Is that Lepri rolling with Gabbi Garcia in the background?  I'd like to see that.
segfault (2102 days ago)  
Love it!   As the other commenters say ... more please!
 (2102 days ago)  
I'd like to say thank you to both Marcelo and Cobrinha for being kind enough to allow us to see this awesome footage. And thank you MGinACTION team for bringing the best of Jiu-Jitsu to the entire world.
 (2102 days ago)  
That was an awesome roll, both great champions and such nice guys to boot. If all Jitsu people were like them, there will be no beefs, period. I'm going to watch it again.
Victor (2102 days ago)  
Holy Sh!@T!!! 
jmb2984 (2102 days ago)  
dhcdhc (2102 days ago)  
So nice and so short
Shemhazai (2102 days ago)  
SP (2102 days ago)  
Been dying to see them go at it... MORE!!!!
Steviereno (2102 days ago)  
Insane...the speed is incredible

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