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  Marcelo Garcia is now a 4-time ADCC Champion! Congratulations to Marcelo!!!
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Hand Fighting from Butterfly, Guillotine from Butterfly, Guillotine from Mount

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2 Part Technique - Your opponent may be so preoccupied with defending against being swept that he will leave his neck undefended for the Guillotine Choke. Hand-fight for a clear path to his throat, jamming your wrist bone up into his neck, guided by your other hand pulling down his head. Throw your chest onto the back of his head while you tuck it underneath your armpit and reach for your grip. Fall to the side hooking his legs and shelf the elbow of your supporting arm high onto his shoulder by the side of his neck. If he decides to sacrifice the top position for a chance to escape the hold, follow him as he drags you on top. Use your forehead to post against rolling over anything further and finish the Guillotine as before with elbow shelved from the Mount.

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