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Elbow Push vs Stacking Pass, Hip Turn vs Reverse Side Control

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3 Part Technique - Before your opponent can secure your collar for the Stacking Pass, intercept his hand and latch onto his sleeve right above the back of his elbow. Use this control to redirect his pressure away from your upper body by locking your arm out in full extension and pushing him off of while you rock yourself upright onto your other hand. He will no longer be able to return back to a position to establish side control, thus allowing you to escape your hips and recover back to butterfly guard. If he insists on attacking further and captures both of your legs in a low Reverse Side Control, sit up as before and drape your arm over his shoulder. If he chooses to let go now, he will give you direct access to his back once you escape your legs. If he holds on, you can roll him onto his back over either of his shoulders by pronating and driving into him with your hips. He he resists this by lifting up your legs, release your posting arm and execute a backward roll, allowing you to reverse him back to top position. Lay your hips heavily and sprawl to free yourself from any remaining control he has over your legs while on top.

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bexy (2625 days ago)  

Ive tried this move you show a few times.  Its an excellent counter, however now everyone is running roung high up my back (over my hips).  Some are trying to leap on the straight arm to armbar.  Although Im able to beast out its not ... well... very subtle the way I avoid it.  Is there a good solid way to deal with a guy lying on and smothering my torso by running round high above my butt level and smothering my hips and lower body?

Hope you can help?

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