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Winners of Mundials 2011 $10,000 Black Belt Prize from!
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Congratulations to all the athletes that participated in an epic exhibition of Jiu Jitsu at the 2011 World Championships!

There were amazing battles fought all weekend, and we were proud to see so many representing both their teams and on an elite level.

Here are all the $10,000 Black Belt Pot prize winners (As a reminder, contest rules were that winners had to win their black belt final by submission or points. (Contest Rules and Regulations) Marcelo has chosen to give his portion of the prize back to the pot.) :
Luanna Alzuguir (Lightweight Women - Alliance) $1250
Hannette Staack (Middleweight Women - Brazil 021) $1250 plus $500 Best Submission Bonus
Gabi Garcia x 2 (Heavyweight Women, Absolute Women - Alliance) $2500
Rodolpho Vieira x 2 (Heavyweight Men, Absolute Men - GFT) $2500
Sergio Moraes (Middle Heavyweight Men - Alliance) $1250
Bruno Malfacine (Roosterweight Men - Alliance) $1250

Since there were 8 qualifying Mundials titles won, our winners will receive $1250 each, with Gabi Garcia and Rodolfo Vieira taking home $2500 as they won 2 divisions. In addition to our Black Belt Pot Winners, MGInAction will be awarding Leo Nogueira $1250 for a hard fought final which he won by ref's decision.

MGInAction would like to commend Hannette Staack for the most impressive submission of the tournament in her Middleweight Women's Final match! Her flying armbar was such a beautiful display of Jiu Jitsu, and we will be awarding her with an additional $500!

We at MGInAction are striving to create a BJJ culture that transcends politics, and we are delighted that stars from many teams joined our contest. Along these lines, the Marcelo Garcia Academy in NYC is an open school-everyone with good spirit is welcome to come visit and train, regardless of affiliation.

MGInAction plans to offer larger prizes in the future, and we encourage others to follow suit. The marvelous athletes who dedicate their lives to this art deserve it.