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Arm Triangle Defense → Sprawl vs Takedown

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo advocates the "Dead Frog" technique against Arm-Triangle Chokes from the Front Headlock: [I] If you are caught underneath your opponent's sprawl with your head and arm captured, don't give him or her the s...
Posted: 7 days ago
Cradle & Mount vs Side Control Turn

2 Part Lesson - As the opponent breaks your cradle to prevent the pin, his inside space is open to your Mounted.
Posted: 12 days ago
Cradle & Pin vs Side Control Turn

2 Part Lesson - Catch the opponent's leg and cradle the opponent to stall his turn to escape Side Control.
Posted: 12 days ago
Spiral Armbar / Omoplata from Side Control

2 Part Lesson - Entrap the opponent by forcing him to turn into your leg from Side Control. A forward driving movement to slow the opponent's escape will create the opportunity to step over, through the opponent's opening arm.
Posted: 14 days ago
Breaking the Closed Guard → Kick Escape vs Closed Guard

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo implores his students to rise to their feet when inside the Closed Guard: [I] Stand-Up inside of the Closed Guard as soon as possible; but first make sure your opponent is not all ready undertaking an offe...
Posted: 18 days ago
2on1 Control Hook Sweep

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo counterattacks with a Russian 2-on-1: Invite your opponent to grab a Collar-Tie while kneeling against your Butterfly Guard to set-up the Hook Sweep from Butterfly. As long as you don't allow the opponent ...

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo shows his very first successful Take-Down, The Ankle Pick with Collar Control: [I] This particular type of Take-Down has a wide range of accommodating variations based upon the mix of you and your opponent...
Posted: 20 days ago
Posture vs Spider Guard → Breaking Grips vs Spider Guard → Passing vs Spider Guard
Bow and Arrow Choke from Back

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo shows two entries into arguably the best submission utilizing the kimono: [I] The Bow-'n'-Arrow Choke (Othenjime, Okurierijime, et al. variations) is by far and away the most powerful strangulation one can...
Posted: 33 days ago
Posture vs Spider Guard Lasso → Inside Knee Control vs Spider Guard → Circle Pass vs Spider Hook → Omoplata Escape
De La Riva Guard Sweep → Jumping on the Back

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo dives to catch the back: [I] Starting from Open Guard with Cross-Wrist & Heel Control (aka Tripod Guard, Góes Guard, Foot-On-Hip, Cross Guard, et al.) weave your foot from the hip around your op...
De La Riva Back Take

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo instructs how to take the opponent's back through a deep far De La Riva Hook.
Posted: 38 days ago
Driving with your Weight

3 Part Lesson - Marcelo exercises how to drive against the opponent with a ratcheting quality of movement, building underneath the opponent and forcing him to turn away.
North South Choke

3 Part Lesson - Marcelo details one his strongest submissions, the North South Choke.
Posted: 39 days ago
North South Choke

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo details one his strongest submissions, the North South Choke.
Posted: 40 days ago
Hand Fighting & Sprawling vs Under Hook & Deep Half Guard

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo explains how to Hand Fight in Half Guard against your opponent's reach towards an Under Hook. Posting, pushing, and pummeling for space, while sprawling away keeps you positioned to own Half Guard.
Sprawl vs Deep Half Entry → Leg Over to Back Step Half Guard

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo finds a pass against a Deep Half Guard Pull: [I] If your opponent launches underneath your base and collects your hips in a Deep Single Leg Half Guard (aka Deep-Shallow, Gordo-Half, et al.), push yourself ...
Headquarters → ¾–Mount → Tripod Pass

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo advances position from Headquarters to the ¾–Mount for a Tripod Pass to Side Control or Mount: [I] Whether you can break your opponent's Cross Collar Grip or not, dedicate both of your hands t...
Hand Fighting vs Butterfly Guard → Knee Slide Pass vs Open Guard

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo shows how to aggressively attack the Open Guard: [I] If your opponent is seated upright in front of you, your hands must be actively engaged in the Hand-Fight for Grips (Kumite-arosoi, Kumi-gata, et cetera...
Collar and Elbow Control Hook Sweep from Butterfly

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo hits his trademark Hook Sweep starting out of range: [I] If your opponent is waiting to pounce from a Combat Base (Suwariwaza; Tatehiza, Hanza, et al.), scoot forward and close the distance immediately to ...
Double Over Hook Sweep vs Under Hooks

2 Part Lesson - Entices the opponent to reach through the open space for Double Under Hooks. Catch both of the opponent's extended arms before they connect and clamp down above the elbows to control his upper body. Use the clinch to of...
Cross Arm Trap vs Closed Guard

2 Part Lesson - Recognize the opponent's intentions to reach underneath and across against your stance. In transition, catch and entrap the opponent's reaching hand. With the opponent's arm welded onto his backside, pass towards the em...
Posted: 53 days ago
Over Under Control from Butterfly → Hook Sweep from Butterfly

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo masterfully explains his legendary Hook Sweep from Butterfly Guard: [I] Close the distance from the Upright Seated Guard Position against a kneeling opponent with Over/Under Control. Your elbows must be ac...
Over Under Principals for Hook Sweeps

Marcelo details fundamental Over Under principals. Breaking oncoming impact, angled body alignment, and crunching into a spring, structures your body to stay upright and attack.
Hook Sweeps from Butterfly Guard

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo utilizes 3 different controls to hold the opponent's upper body. Each control presents their own individual characteristics, while the core Hook Sweeping concept remains consistent.
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Firemans Carry Takedown

1 Part Lesson — Marcelo talks about his B-Game Takedown and the Value of Competition: [I]...
74 days ago
Crucifix Armbar from Back

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo explicates the intricacies behind his Crucifix: [I] If your oppon...
334 days ago
Knee Pull & Guillotine vs Low Single

2 Part Lesson - When the opponent reaches below your knee to snatch a leg, retract your leg and...
273 days ago
Knee on Belly
342 days ago
Bow and Arrow Choke vs Back Escape

2 Part Lesson - Feed the lapel and trap the opponent's arm with your leg before he forces his s...
301 days ago

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