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Over Hook, Cross Choke, & Triangle from Closed Guard

4 Part Lesson - Bridge together the Cross Choke & Triangle through a tightly woven Over Hook from Closed Guard.
Posted: Yesterday at 2:49 PM
Guillotine vs Butterfly → Back Step Pass vs Half Guard → Single Leg Counter

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo walks into his opponent's guard: [I] Penetrate the inside of your opponent's Seated/Open Guard (Koala, Sit-Up, Upright, Butterfly, Split-Guard, et al.) by stepping your lead leg in between his or her legs....
Knee Slide vs Open Guard → Side Control to North South

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo slices through a slippery guard: [I] Thrust your knee and hip across the opponent's thigh and land next to him or her; if you pummel an Underhook, stay in Side Control. If you land without an Underhook, st...
Sit Over vs Deep Half Guard → Back Step Half Guard to Over Under Pass → Back Step Pass vs Half Guard

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo counters the Deep Half Guard: [I] If you cannot perform the Leg-Over Pass against the Deep Half because your weight is distributed too much on your knee by the opponent's shoulder, execute a Sit-Over trans...
X Guard Takedown from X Guard

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo has us work on two versions of Jogo-fora-no-lixo: [I] Pump your X-Hooks to push the opponent's weight backward as you rock up directly to your feet; immediately, rise up vertically and hide your arm from a...
Posted: 4 days ago
Leg Pull Counter → Back Step Reset vs De La Riva → Sit Over vs Deep Half Guard

5 Part Lesson — Marcelo gets himself out of trouble and resets from a bad imposition: [I] You want to give yourself the option of breaking out of your opponent's guard for many reasons; perhaps, you're not ready to attack, or you...
Protecting your Legs & Breaking the Closed Guard

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo details the importance of protecting your legs against the opponent's oncoming weight in Closed Guard. Hold your legs strong and flexed to build a structured base to keep yourself safe.
Posted: 8 days ago
Guillotine from Butterfly & Guillotine to Mount vs. Defensive Roll Escape

2 Part Lesson - Disconnect the opponent from the mat to break his posture and align his head with your Guillotine. A quick snap aids in tucking his head flush underneath your shoulder. The moment you feel the opponent roll to escape, f...
Sprawl & Under Hook and Head Control vs Deep Half

Sprawl, frame, and pummel against the opponent's Under Hook and Deep Half Guard.
A Strong Positive Mentality

Find any vulnerability in your opponent and exploit it mentally to stay positive. A physical trait, a characteristic, anything personal to sharpen your confidence, willingness, and belief.
Posted: 11 days ago
Pulling Guard & Recovering

3 Part Lesson - Pull Guard with strength and tension to hold yourself together structurally as you transition from top to bottom. A secure construction allows you to change your reaction and movement without falling apart.
Turtle Escapes

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo covers several options for avoiding the control of your back from your opponent: [I] After defending against an Arm Triangle from the Front Headlock Position with the Dead-Frog Technique, i.e. planking you...
Posted: 18 days ago
Lapel Control vs Back Escape → Turtle to Side Control

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo insists on solidifying the pass if presented the back: [I] If your opponent offers up their backside to avoid getting established under Side-Control or North/South, make grips on the far side by the should...
Defeating the Single Leg

4 Part Lesson - Marcelo systematically defeats the Single Leg Takedown through different ranges. As the opponent closes the distance, the shortening of boundaries affects your answers. Guillotines, Front Head Locks, & Back Takes ar...
Guillotine vs Takedown → Taking Back vs Low Single Leg

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo counterattacks a Single Leg Takedown attempt: [I] If your opponent manages to capture your leg before you can properly sprawl back in defense of a Single Leg, apply pressure to their head, forcing them dow...
Breathing & Timing

Marcelo discusses breathing and timing. Use breath to focus your concentration and make clear, precise, strong decisions. Coupled with timing, to break patterns and ambush openings.
Posted: 24 days ago
Base & Posture vs Spider Guard

2 Part Lesson - Hold yourself together structurally with base and loosen the tension within Spider Guard through posture. Base and posture weakens, then disconnects the opponent's hold onto your upper body, exposing your legs to being ...
Posted: 25 days ago
Breaking Cross Collar Sleeve & Blocking De La Riva Guard

2 Part Lesson - Stripe away the opponent's grips and controls on your leading side to hold up your posture and balance.
Posted: 26 days ago
Elbow Push vs Stacking Pass → Foot Wipe vs Stacking Pass

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo recovers his guard against a Double-Under/Stack-Pass attempt: [I] If your opponent cuts the corner around your leg from underneath, stretch out your hips and look to find an exposed triceps. Place your han...
Hook Sweep from Front Headlock

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo uses the Front Headlock to recover after getting taken down: [I] Keep weight on top of your opponent's head and prevent them from building posture up when you land; cover the back of their neck with a Fron...
Guillotine vs Takedown → Guillotine to Front Headlock from Butterfly

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo threatens the choke against a takedown: [I] While the opponent is busy holding onto your leg, punch your forearm against his or her throat and snap the head down into a Guillotine Choke. This can be accomp...
Breaking Gi Grips from Standing

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo masks his emotions at the onset of a match by focusing on the battle for grips: [I] If you can intercept your opponent's hand before they can settle onto your jacket collar, push it away and seek an offens...
Posted: 32 days ago
Arm Triangle Defense → Sprawl vs Takedown

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo advocates the "Dead Frog" technique against Arm-Triangle Chokes from the Front Headlock: [I] If you are caught underneath your opponent's sprawl with your head and arm captured, don't give him or her the s...
Posted: 33 days ago
Guillotine from Standing, Takedowns, Omoplata from Guillotine Escape

2 Part Lesson - A seasoned opponent will hang their hands low to defend leg attacking take downs. Your Guillotine can expose the opponent's neck or your submission threat will force their hands upwards in defense, clearing an opening t...
Cradle & Mount vs Side Control Turn

2 Part Lesson - As the opponent breaks your cradle to prevent the pin, his inside space is open to Mount.
Posted: 38 days ago
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Breaking the Closed Guard, Knee Slide Pass, Over Under Pass vs Half Guard, Knee Cross vs Half Guard

2 Part Technique - Maintain your balance if the opponent jumps guard while standing and do not ...
2812 days ago
Elbow Escape vs Mount → Hook Sweep from Closed Guard

2 Part Lesson — Paul expounds on the subtle difference between a Hip-Escape and the Elbow...
115 days ago
Sit Up Escape vs Knee on Belly
353 days ago
Scarf Hold Escape vs Side Control → Ezekiel Choke Defense

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo warns his students about two judo submissions: [I] If your oppone...
159 days ago
Kick-Back Pass to Knee on Belly vs Foot Wipe & North South vs Inversion

3 Part Lessons - Use consistency and timing with your Kick-Back Pass & Knee on Belly to bea...
247 days ago

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