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Hand Fighting from Butterfly → Guard Recovery → Hip Roll Escape vs Side Control

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo recovers his Butterfly Guard from a Near-Pass: [I] If your opponent grabs your collar and leg to pass to either side, use your arms to frame against his weight and tuck your head, protecting your neck from...
Sitting Butterfly Guard vs Circle / Toreando Passing

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo explains how to Hand Fight, Break Grips, and stay upright in Butterfly Guard against an opponent specializing in Toreando style passing.
Circle Pass / Toreando vs Open Guard

2 Part Lesson - Seize the opponent's legs by snatching their pants. With gravity and weight in your favor, open the middle of their body and guard to fill the space with your upper body to pass.
Posted: 9 days ago
Hand Fighting for Leg Takedowns

3 Part Lesson - Utilize Hand Fighting to beat the opponent's hands and create a clear path for leg take downs, such as Double Legs.
Sit Over & Leg Over vs Deep Half Guard

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo sits or swings his leg over the opponent's upper body if he can't stop the Deep Half Guard Entry with a strong sprawl.
Forcing Half Guard vs DLR

3 Part Lesson - Marcelo pushes to leap and sit over the opponent's right leg to force Half Guard against their Open Guard attacks.
Posted: 12 days ago
Breaking the Closed Guard → Knee Slide vs De La Riva

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo cuts through De-La-Riva after Breaking Open the Closed Guard: [I] Point your knee to the outside to prevent your opponent from deepening his DLR-Hook from your lead to your trail leg. Step over his other l...
Posted: 16 days ago
Breaking the Closed Guard → Double Knee vs Open Guard

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo cuts through De-La-Riva after Breaking Open the Closed Guard: [I] Utilize a grip on your opponent's belt to help hold you close and prevent getting pushed away with a Foot-on-Biceps. [II] If your opponent ...
Breaking the Closed Guard → Double Knee Pass vs De La Riva → Over Under Pass vs Half

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo accentuates the neutralization of attacks after hes opens the Closed Guard: [I] The degree of freedom of your hands is directly correlated to your ability to pressure open your opponent's Closed Guard; if ...
Collar Control Single Leg Takedown

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo teaches follow-through and contingency for a Sweep Single: [I] Aim to capture your opponent's leg by forcing him to pivot heavily as you drag him down into a stoop and latch around his knee for a Single Le...
Knee on Belly, Sprawl & North South vs Leg Attacks

3 Part Lesson - Marcelo uses Knee on Belly to pin his opponent temporarily before finding a more stable and stationary hold. From Knee on the Belly, the opponent can grab and scoop under his shin to expose Marcelo's leg. Instead of fal...
Taking the Back vs Single Leg from Side Control

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo explains how to deliberately and carefully bait the opponent into exposing their back from a Single Leg.
Posted: 24 days ago
Spiral Armbar vs Bridge from Side Control

3 Part Lesson - Marcelo anticipates the opponent's bridge from Side Control and entraps the arm by stepping and filling the space, spiraling into an Armbar.
Posted: 24 days ago
2on1 Control & Closed Guard to Butterfly Guard

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo uses Closed Guard momentarily to hold the opponent and secure the 2on1 Control.
Blocking Over Under from Butterfly & Guillotine

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo reveals how to stay up right in a seated Butterfly Guard against an opponent's upper body pass and strikes with a Guillotine the moment the opponent switches to his feet.
Hand Fighting from Butterfly → 2on1

4 Part Lesson — Marcelo expounds upon the intricacies that underpin maintaining posture while openly seated in Butterfly Guard. Your opponent, either Standing or Kneeling in top position, can impose his weight readily as well as ...
Posted: 31 days ago
Over Under Control Hook Sweep from Butterfly → Frame Escape → Omoplata

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo responds to common tactics used against him while Seated Upright: [I] If your opponent charges forward to flatten your back down to the mat, catch his upper body with Over/Under Control and lean to the sid...
Knee on Belly → Sprawl vs Single Leg from Side Control

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo acquires points from Side Control: [I] If your opponent is content with staying underneath your Side Mount, take the opportunity to encourage movement and increase your lead by hopping up to the Knee-On-Be...
Sprawl vs Takedown → Taking the Back from Front Headlock → Cradle from Front Headlock

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo counters a shot: [I] If you determine that your opponent will make an attempt to shoot in onto your legs from afar, stuff his takedown or re-shot and settle into the Front Headlock Position off your Sprawl...
Forcing Half Guard from Double Under Hooks vs Open Guard

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo explains how to entrap the opponent's leg and force Half Guard from Double Under Hooks against their legs and Open Guard.
Seat Belt vs Grip Breaking, Hand Fighting & Back Escape

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo navigates through maintaining the Seat Belt against an opponent breaking his clasp and controlling his hands, while looking to escape.
Posted: 41 days ago
Seat belt Control → Arm Trap from Back → Rear Naked Choke

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo outlines details behind effective hand-fighting from the Back: [I] If your opponent challenges your Seatbelt Control and find a way to break open the hold, immediately race to secure grips on his wrists. O...
Collar Choke Cradle from Back → Bow and Arrow Choke vs Turtle

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo re-counters twice toward the choke finish: [I] If your opponent manages to get his hand inside his own collar to help pull it away from his neck as you squeeze for the choke, don't let go of the collar and...
Over Hook, Guillotine & Front Headlock vs Under Hook & Half Guard

3 Part Lesson - With your Under Hook lost and no space to Guillotine, use a Front Headlock to pin and hold the opponent to pass.
Tune Up the Position

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo "tunes" up his favorite moves through subtle adjustments to maintain control in positions.
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Gi Grip Break vs Half Guard → Cross Arm Under Hook and Head vs Half Guard → Over Under Pass vs Half Guard

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo expounds more about remaining tight and close yet quick and explo...
271 days ago
Collar and Arm conrolled Scissor Sweep to the Kimura

2 Part Technique - Collar and Arm controlled Scissor Sweep. If the opponent posts his hand on t...
2593 days ago
Over Under Control vs Butterfly → Transition to Mount vs Butterfly → Foot Replace vs Knee Push Mount Escape
Standing Step Pass vs Butterfly
1909 days ago
Cross Arm and Belt Sweep from Butterfly → Armbar from Back

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