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Turning Escape vs Mount

2 Part Lesson - Frame against the opponent's thigh to force open space to escape Mount.
Posted: 5 days ago
Hook Sweep Reversal vs Guillotine

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo uses the connection from the Guillotine and Front Head Lock in coordination with his Butterfly Hooks to reverse the opponent and prevent the submission.
Posted: 6 days ago
Turning Escape vs Mount

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo explains how to escape an established and settled Mount through turning his body and creating frames.
Posted: 8 days ago
1LXG Entry vs Knee Pressure

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo explains how to force 1 Leg X-Guard from Butterfly Guard against an opponent pressuring forward with a strong leading leg and knee.
Hand Fighting from Butterfly, 1Leg X Guard Entry from Single Leg Control, 1Leg X Guard Entry from Ankle Kick, Guard Pull from Standing

3 Part Lesson — Show aggression by butt-scooting: Actively pursue your opponent if he refuses to engage your Butterfly Guard while standing; press forward to demonstrate your willingness to fight and not stall. However, be prepar...
Hip Drag vs Hip Roll Escape → Side Control to Back → Seatbelt Control → Knee-Through vs Hip Roll Escape

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo parlays his opponent's pass counter into new opportunities: [I] If your opponent attempts to recover back his guard using the Hip Roll technique, slow him down with a Hip Drag; grab his hip and yank him ba...
Counter vs Underhook from Side Control, Side Control to Mount, Omoplata from Side Control, Leg Over Pass

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo fixes his path and stays ahead: [I] If your opponent pummels an Underhook while Side Mounted, cradle his far leg to prevent him from turning over with a bridge onto a Single Leg and step across his waist i...
Side Control to North South, Knee-On-Belly, Taking the Back vs Single Leg

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo secures the top position against several escape attempts: [I] If your opponent pummels for a Reverse Underhook while underneath in Half Guard to ghost out on top, either run your hips back and drive heavy ...
Underhook and Head Control vs Half Guard, Knee Slide Pass vs Half Guard

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo passes the Half Guard Nogi: [I] Rely on Underhook & Head Control fastened together with a Gable Grip to attach to your opponent when not wearing the kimono; this is the best way to ensure that you do n...
Over Under Half Guard Pass vs Frames

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo explains how to find your way through the opponent's upper body frames in Half Guard.
Posted: 20 days ago
Paitence & Arm Pull vs Over Hook from Closed Guard

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo uses the principal of Patience to untangle himself in dangerous Closed Guard situations.
Posted: 21 days ago
Rear Naked Choke (Straight Choke)

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo explains why he digs into the opponent's shoulder blade as a temporary grip before the Straight Choke.
Posted: 22 days ago
Rear Naked Choke

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo works Henka-no-Ushiro-Hadakajime: [I] Threaten your opponent with the One-Armed/Handed, Short/Straight Choke variation of the Rear Naked Chke. This may not work as a submission, however, the elements of co...
Jumping on the Back → Taking the Back from Front Headlock

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo maintains Seatbelt Control after jumping on the Back: [I] Align your chest in parallel with your opponent's upper back and squeeze your arms tightly to avoid slipping overhead. If you cannot readily place ...
Hand Fighting from Standing → Breaking Gi Grips from Standing

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo stresses the importance of diligent hand-fighting when returning back to stand-up from the ground. Prepare to be alert and loose when standing back up; don't allow the fatigue of grappling on the ground be...
Posted: 28 days ago
Guillotine vs Takedown

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo drowns his opponent with the Guillotine: [I] Snap your opponent's head onto the blade of your forearm and place your chest on top of his head to begin choking if he lifts your foot up for a Single Leg Take...
Posted: 30 days ago
Spin Retention vs Back Step → Takedown from X Guard

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo maintains the X-Guard for the sweep: [I] Rattle your opponent's base every time you sense they are planning to make a move; extend and retract your X-Hooks as well as turning and tamping his lead knee. If ...
Guillotine vs Single Leg

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo instructs how to use the Guillotine against an opponent's Single Leg Takedown and explains several key details, such as holding and covering the opponent's head, crunching forward, and sitting upright.
Posted: 40 days ago
Standing-in-Base vs de-la-Riva Guard

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo finds his comfort zone against de la Riva Guard: [I] Use the heel of your palm to pin your opponent's torso as you direct your lead knee to the outside against his hook. Use your other hand to clear his fo...
Posted: 40 days ago
X-Guard Sweeps

3 Part Lesson - Marcelo explains the 3 most important sweeps from X-Guard and how he executes them based on the opponent's distribution of weight.
2on1 Control, Ankle Pick, Single Leg, 1LXG

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo explains how to use his strongest control from guard, the 2on1, to find and grab the opponent's legs. In addition, he navigates through an opponent posting against his upper body to rip away from the 2on1.
2on1 Control from Butterfly Guard to Single Leg Control

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo explains several key details on how use his most dominant control from Guard, the 2on1, to find the opponent's legs.
Collar and Elbow Control Hook Sweep from Butterfly

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo shares an approach to nogi: [I] Since the kimono provides traction and tends to slow down the pace of certain techniques, sweeping from Butterfly Guard in Nogi must be fast, compact, and imprecise. Club th...
Defending & Sprawling vs Outside Shot, Passing vs Guard Pull

3 Part Lesson - Marcelo explains how to anticipate and defend outside shots while simultaneously preparing a fast and strong pass once the opponent pulls guard.
Posted: 48 days ago
Rear Cross Lapel & Hook Lift vs Back Step Half Guard

3 Part Lesson - Escape a landed Back Step Pass through controlling the opponent's upper body and lifting his figure-foured leg with your Butterfly Hook.
Posted: 50 days ago
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Spiral Armbar vs Bridge from Side Control

3 Part Lesson - Marcelo anticipates the opponent's bridge from Side Control and entraps the arm...
118 days ago
Kick Escape vs Closed Guard → Under Hook and Head vs Half Guard → Leg Over to Back Step Half Guard

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo opts to intercept his opponent's counterattack after he breaks op...
182 days ago
Partner-Assisted Sit-Ups

Marcelo & Mansher demonstrate the proper way to perform the sit-up exercise used at the sta...
187 days ago
2on1 Hip Bump Sweep from Guard → Mount
Back Control, Seat Belt Control, Rear Naked Choke

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