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Guillotine Choke Maintenance

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo follows an opponent who is determined to escape the Guillotine: [I] Set up the Guillotine Choke from Standing against a Seated Guard Player by popping his shoulders and dunking his head onto your the blade...
Hip Roll & Head Lock vs Side Control

3 Part Lesson - Marcelo utilizes the power of his lower body to create space against an opponent's oncoming weight into Side Control.
Posted: 158 days ago
Standing Up vs Closed Guard Back Take

2 Part Lesson - Stand against an opponent's Back Take from Closed Guard and force him to rotate back into guard by pulling with holds and using gravity.
Posted: 159 days ago
Knee on Belly & North South Control vs Back & Side Control Escapes

2 Part Lesson - If the Under Hook is gone, Marcelo drives Knee on Belly into the open space an opponent creates when escaping key positions, such as the Back or Side Control.
Posted: 156 days ago
Collar Control & Single Leg

3 Part Lesson - Hold the opponent through Collar Control with your leading near side and prevent your far side and arm from being entangled with grips. An open free side, far from the opponent's holds, gives you the space to attack.
Frames vs Seat Belt & Back Escape

2 Part Lesson - Pry open the opponent's Seat Belt and catch his arms with Over Hooks. Detach your shoulders from the opponent's upper body and prevent him from realigning himself by forcing your shoulders with a bridging movement.
Posted: 157 days ago
Collar Choke Cradle from Back

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo finds the Cradle Choke from the Back: [I] As your opponent escapes your hooks toward the Weak-Side, seize his collar for strangulation. When he turns back into you to relieve the pressure on his neck, hold...
Seat belt Control from Back → Back Control Recovery

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo shows Back-Mount maintenance: [I] Realign your hips squarely with those of your partner when he tries to escape. Shift your weight without relying on a push off of the mat from your foot; generate the mome...
Posted: 150 days ago
Seat belt Control from Back → Lapel Control vs Back Escape → Back Control Recovery

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo teaches his students strategy for the Back against a skilled opponent: [I] An opportunity to find the opponent's neck open for attack arises when he initiates a Bridging Escape on the Weak-Side; however, i...
Partner Safety

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo teaches an important lesson on partner safety: [I] If your throw from standing is defended, immediately remove your lead leg away from your opponent; he or she may drop their weight suddenly on top of your...
Rear Naked Choke vs Back Escape

3 Part Lesson - Marcelo explains how to exploit the opponent's back escape by snatching the Rear Naked Choke. The opponent will subtlety and momentarily lengthen his neck during his escape, exposing a temporary hold onto his Clavicle b...
Posted: 143 days ago
2on1 Guard Recovery vs Toreando Passing

2 Part Lesson - With the 2on1, keep the opponent within your guard by using your shin and hooks to block his oncoming forward pressure.
Posted: 141 days ago
Bow and Arrow Choke vs Back Escape

2 Part Lesson - Feed the lapel and trap the opponent's arm with your leg before he forces his shoulders to the mat to escape your Bow and Arrow Choke. If the opponent grabs your left pants and leg to remove your hooks and escape, catch...
Posted: 145 days ago
Guillotine Choke from Back-Step Pass

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo submits and passes with the Guillotine against De-la-Riva Guard: [I] If your opponent pummels for an Underhook while you are holding him down with the Back-Step, glance behind your shoulder to see if his o...
Bow and Arrow Choke vs Back Escape

2 Part Lesson - Marcelo answers Bow & Arrow Choke escapes by continually forcing the opponent back into position while holding a straight and secured collar grip.
Posted: 143 days ago
Guard, 2on1, Single Leg & Hip Roll vs Toreando Guard Pass

3 Part Lesson - Block a strong Toreando style pass by keeping the opponent in front of you and within your guard. If the opponent dodges your legs and is closing the distance to hold Side Control, counter sequentially through a 2on1 to...
Back-Step Pass vs De-la-Riva Guard

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo explicates the intricacies of his Back-Step Pass against the De-la-Riva Guard: [I] Post on the heel of the palm of your hand, grabbing the same-side lapel; when you back-step, twist the grip to further sta...
“Navy Ride” vs Side Control Escape → Spiral Armbar

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo incorporates the "Navy Ride" (or Koshigatame) from folk-style wrestling to keep his opponent down in Side Control: [I] Transition to Knee-On-Belly if your opponent blocks your hip with his nearside arm and...
Front Headlock vs Half Guard → Guillotine from Knee on Belly

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo shows us one of the few instances where he elects to finish the Guillotine Choke with the "Arm-In."
Guillotine vs De-la-Riva → Back Step Half Guard to Over Under Pass → Leg Over to Back Step Half Guard

4 Part Lesson — Marcelo swivels around his opponent's Half Guard until an opportunity to attack presents itself: [I] Look for the Reverse Underhook off the Back-Step to pass into North/South or land on his neck for the Guillotine...
Back Step Half Guard to Back Control

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo takes the back: [I] If your opponent starts trying to get up onto his knees after you hold him down with the Back-Step, entice his expose by pulling him onto his side closer to the prone position. Before h...
Posted: 134 days ago
Side Control to North South → Knee on Belly

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo demonstrates what he does against a bigger and stronger opponent under his Side Control: [I] If your opponent bumps you to pummel for an Underhook, immediately switch your arms to control the North/South P...
Armbars vs Mount Escape & Reverse Triangle vs Bridge

3 Part Lesson - As the opponent turns and pushes against your knee to escape your Mount, use the friction of the Gi fabric to help entangle, entrap, and isolate the opponent's arms from his body.
Guillotine or North South Choke vs Mount Escape

3 Part Lesson - Depending on which knee an opponent pushes to escape Mount triggers Marcelo's reactions. The two escaping movements creates similar shapes that expose the opponent's neck. Pushing the left knee forms the shape of a Guil...
Back Step Half Guard to Mount & Back Control

2 Part Lesson - During the Back Step, Marcelo attaches himself behind the opponent's shoulder to connect Mount or Back Control.
Posted: 134 days ago
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1Leg X Guard Entry from Deep Half
248 days ago
Knee Slide vs Deep Half Guard & Single Leg

2 Part Lesson - Pull the opponent's sleeve and push his shoulder down to pin and square his upp...
254 days ago
X Guard Entry
289 days ago
2mbps_1280 117MEGS
1493 days ago
Sit Up Escape vs Side Control
2041 days ago

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