Marcelo Garcia In Action
Be part of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion Marcelo Garcia's New York City Academy from anywhere on the globe, as the 5-time Mundials (World) and 4-time ADCC Champion trains himself and his students for world-class competition.
Partial X Guard Entry from Hook Sweep, Takedown and Unbalance Sweep from Partial X Guard
2-Part Advanced Lesson -- Marcelo shows three levels of sweep starting from Butterfly-Guard: Hand-fight to enter into an Over/Under Clinch while seated in front...
Marcelo & Braulio Estima - Sparring Analysis: Offensive & Defensive Exchange
Paul Schreiner annotates a segment of Marcelo's sixth training session with Braulio Estima before a match against André Galvão at ADCC 2013. Paul ...