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Inverted Armbar from Butterfly
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Marcelo shares details behind the intricacy of his choice in configuration for the Inverted-Armbar: Opt for a Seat-Belt Grip (a.k.a. Ball-n-Socket, Cup-n-Saucer, et al.) when attacking your opponent's elbow with an Inverted-Armbar (a.k.a. Reverse Arm-Lock, Ude-Gatame, Razor-Lock, Elbow-Crunch, et al.); doing so will drastically optimize your success as it affords you many options for fine-tuning your pressure. The grip allows you to steer your radial bone against their triceps to help rotate their forearm and redirect your squeeze behind their elbow-joint for hyperextension. If you immediately contact your opponent's arm with your elbow first, you may miss the opportunity to find this correction and consequently miss getting the desired tap-out (or in many cases, when applied vigorously, an acknowledgement of defeat via verbal tap). If you choose a Gable-Grip instead, you accidentally invite your opponent to try pulling themselves into a countering Cross-Face; the Seat-Belt Grip lets you push down and away with the palms of both of your hands facing your opponent in an extending pressure in order to protect your head.

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Inverted Armbar from Butterfly:
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