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Hand-Fighting from Open-Guard, De-La-Riva Guard Sweep
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Marcelo & Ryan discuss grip-fighting from an Open-Guard: Getting into your offensive game from bottom position is largely a matter of mindfully tracking your opponent's hands and finding a way to momentarily dominate them before they can find a meaningful attachment to your body. The 2on1 Control serves a good method of immobilization for staving off your opponent's initial attacks while giving you enough time to transition into deeper offense of your own. If your aim is to utilize a de-la-Riva Hook in order to sweep your opponent or expose their back, starting with a strong Cross-Sleeve Grip in combination with your foot on their hip is a sound way from which to launch your attacks. When engaging an opponent in a state of separation, diligently explore paths that allow you to ward off your opponent's grips while also affording yourself access to better control.

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