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Hand Fighting from Armbar Control
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Marcelo & Rory help Matty understand how to break grips from the Armbar-Position (a.k.a. Spider-Web, Juji-Gatame, Arm-Scissors, Cross-Lock, et al.): If your shin is pressed up against your opponent's ribs after sitting down and entering your attack, you can control your opponent's near-side leg by applying an Under-Hook while maintaining tension against their elbow; wait for the position to settle before pummeling your foot out from behind their back and move it across their chest for the more stable positioning. Keeping tension around their arm, you can oftentimes break your opponent's grip by smacking the back of their far-arm with your free-palm and popping open their defense. Quickly find control over their hand and wrist so that you can steer your opponent's arm into the direction of hyperextension. If your opponent is holding very strongly, you can feed their trapped-elbow underneath your armpit and choke your grip up onto their wrist where they are weaker. You may also thread your foot from the leg across their face inside next to your other foot and use your shin to help shimmy open their grip. If time is on your side, just use your weight to hang on your opponent's grip and force them to eventually let go from exhaustion. Be prepared for your opponent to make a last ditch effort and surprise you with an escape by releasing their grip and attempting to take top position.

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