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  Marcelo Garcia is now a 4-time ADCC Champion! Congratulations to Marcelo!!!
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Far Side Armbar from Side Control, Taking the Back vs Single Leg, North South Choke from Side Control

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2 Part Technique - Marcelo shares his thoughts on the recent fights from the Metamoris promotion held last weekend. Ryron Gracie did an outstanding job when it came to avoiding André Galvão's submission attacks. The key to his survival boiled down to a few very simple ideas; keeping his elbows tight to his sides, planting his back on the mat, and protecting his neck from chokes. This was enough to foil Galvão's plans long enough for the time limit to expire and result in a draw. However, Ryron isn't invincible; no one is. That's the beauty of jiu-jitsu. One cannot simultaneously hide from every danger. If you know what to look for and when, it is possible to submit anyone. In order to attack an arm, you must control from the armpit by first isolating your opponent's hands. If his hands are too busy defending the armbar, chances are, his neck will be exposed for the choke.

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jmb2984 (864 days ago)  
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NCEBJJ (884 days ago)  
 he has the best tecqinine
rsproull10 (888 days ago)  
It would be real nice to see MG in the next Metamoris.
dualmass (893 days ago)  
Nice to hear your thoughts on this tournament
I am a brown belt thats close to 47, facing younger more skilled people means defense is the core of my exsistance, not looking to win, just dont want to lose
heimano (893 days ago)  
They won't invite him because Kron is suppose to face him and Marcelo has  already beat him in the ADCC!!
jesterimb (894 days ago)  
He is the best ever!
Jiu Jitsu Kingdom (894 days ago)  
Always a pleasure listening to Marcelo share his thoughts on Jiu Jitsu! Great video!!!
GrkLionFish (894 days ago)  
I'm glad you loved Metamoris Marcelo, but one thing was missing, you fighting in the tournament! Come on Gracies, put Marcelo in the next one!
dhcdhc (895 days ago)  
Marcelo is genius
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