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Nogi Training April 2011

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Marcelo training with Stephan Kesting BLACKB G2T

Opponent Rank: Black Belt; Weight Category: Super Heavy;

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tjudge1 (1368 days ago)  
Stephan has no ego issues.  He just wants to learn how Marcelo does what he does.  He's a great guy (both) showing great respect.  Of course no matter hard you take it to Marcelo you will still get smashed.  99.99% of black belts.  Except me of course...
 (2400 days ago)  
SK was simply trying to use his turtle time and again.  Likely in an attempt to understand how Marcelo attacks the turtle, since it's his strong point.

I'm pretty sure SK knows all that.  If you want to improve something, see how the expert takes it apart when you're trying variations of defenses. 
 (2461 days ago)  
I don't think you should look at this and say 'oh look how bad Kesting is'. Look at it and say 'look how amazing Marcelo is'
AnOddParadigm (2477 days ago)  
SK looked like everyone else does against MG. He has never claimed to be the best or even great BJJ competitor- he was just there to train. SK claim to fame is that he has put together a lot of very well put together instructional for beginners. Both his halfguard and butterfly guard set helped me a tremendous amount as a blue belt. The fact that Marcelo can whoop him at Jiu Jitsu doesn't change the fact that he is a legitimate black belt or that his instructional are also very good.
Raptorbjj (2486 days ago)  
To those who are criticizing Stephan, check out the video where Marcelo rolls with Jimmy Pedro, an Olympic Judo bronze medalist with an excellent ground game and also very strong and explosive.  Jimmy choses to start the roll in turtle as well, just to see if he can defend MG's famous back attack game.  He went at MG much harder than Stephan, but in the end he fared just the same.

On another note, Jeff Wassom is cool!  How is life, bro? I miss Oregon. :)

Jeff Rockwell 
maolam (2486 days ago)  
I think Stehphan is great for the sport. He simply wants to keep evolving and does so with the best in the world. He wasn't there to "give attitude" or prove anything, he was there as a respectful student and he learned because he is humble and intelligent IMHO.
jeff.wassom (2574 days ago)  
scott2040 bro your comments make you sound like a white belt. 

Black belt is another landscape of white through black skill-wise.  This is something Ryan Hall talks about extensively. 

Marcelo has a tenacious work ethic and because of this he is ahead of the curve of 99.8% of black belts. 

What I took from this session is quarter position is not a place you want to pause and defend from.  Marcelo's way of simultaneously mounting crucifix and back attacks has made this strategy obselete. 

The only way your gonna find this out though is by putting yourself in this position like curthoward, Will Tam and others mention below.

Kesting if anything is setting an example here for all of us to follow.  Watch and learn how to train from some one who priortizes learning over image.

curthoward (2590 days ago)  
Props to Stephan for rolling with Marcelo , Like any other black belt rolling with him you know your going to get tapped and you know its going to be all over the internet. These people set there pride aside in the interest of learning . I have a lot of respect for every advanced guy that rolls with Marcelo.
scott2040 (2611 days ago)  
 stephan kesting is 40 pounds heavier than marcello while shaolin is smaller than marcello or the same weight and shaolin didnt look like a white belt.
 (2613 days ago)  
So Scott by that logic Shaolin should give up Jiu Jitsiu? MG tapped him out in 30 secs, he is a blackbelt and is also teaching and releasing BJJ educational content
loum44 (2618 days ago)  
SK gives his back to show BUDOVIDEO.COM LOL
Will (2620 days ago)  
I have personally purchased Stephan's "Dynamic Half-Guard" DVD and thought his instruction was very detailed. He is a great teacher. Some people are better instructors than they are grapplers, and are you guys really surprised with the outcome, going against MG. Come on! To get better, you have to go against people that are better than you. PERIOD!!! Props to Stephen for testing himself against the best! 

I would LOVE the chance to go practice with the MG CREW :) someday when I have the time and the money. Keep postin' great vids!!!

Will Tam

GrishaT (2622 days ago)  
Come on guys--let's keep the comments constructive. This was actually a really interesting roll. Stephan wanted to see how Marcelo attacked the turtle and Marcelo showed him! Stephan defended well, but the tenacity of Marcelo's back game is really instructive--check the back control without the seat belt or hooks. Props to Stephan for jumping on the mats with the best. And props to MG for being so good!!!
scott2040 (2623 days ago)  
to my reply to the dummy that said I would do worse against marcello than stephan  I dont sell instruction videos and give advice and teach jujitsu for a living like stephan does.stop making excuses for his performance he is still a black belt and makes alot of money teaching and selling videos about jujitsu.he still performed like a white belt and was thirty pounds heavier than marcello.and even if he didnt give up his back he still would have tapped ten times dummy.
dpbales (2623 days ago)  

You know you are right Scott... had you rolled against one of the greatest grapplers of our time, you would have looked far superior.  Idiot.  How about giving Stephan credit for seeking out the instruction of Marcello, and being willing to admit he had much to learn from him, rather then be content with his current level of skill.  I don't know if you are trolling, or simply have no understanding that to grow as a student of the martial arts, we have to overcome our own egos and leave our compfort zones to better ourserlves. Anyway...  I'm just saying.  Idiot.
 (2624 days ago)  
He should "forget jiu-jitsu?" So if you lose a game of basketball to Michael Jordan do you quit forever? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
dbartol1 (2624 days ago)  
No he didn't.  He chose to start from an inferior position again MG with back control.  What did you expect?  SK is very good.  MG is just better.
scott2040 (2624 days ago)  
stephan  looked like a white belt next to marcello he better find a day job and forget jujitsu
tonylewis42 (2624 days ago)  
I love Stephan, I have been following his grappling arts blog for years.
RobAbles (2624 days ago)  
MG.... :-)
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